Alien vs Predator Requiem

I’ve always been a fan of the alien films and although the later ones weren’t really as good I still liked them in their own way. Predator was OK too, although I preferred the first one. So when the first Alien vs Predator film came out it looked like an interesting concept. They’d tied the two stories in together well and it looked like an opportunity for a good movie.

Ultimately though it lacked the suspense factor that the original films had and to be honest seemed to be more of an action movie than a Predator or Alien movie! In the end the whole thing was pretty unimpressive. They could have done so much more, but you couldn’t help getting the feeling most of the good stuff was left on the cutting room floor as they chopped it about to get a lower age rating.

My buddy Phil at work put me on to the trailer for the new film “Alien vs Predator Requiem”. I must admit I didn’t even know that there was one in progress so I was a bit surprised. His suggestion to “not watch it when the kids are around” turned out to be a good call. I reckon the body count in the three minute clip was about as much as in the last two predator movies put together. The aliens are back and they’re pissed off!

It’s also Lt Ripley’s worst nightmare in as much as it will finally be happening on Earth in a well populated area. So, it looks good, and we are bummed that we’ll have to wait till the end of January to see it!!

Head over to here for the trailer…….

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