Ibanez indentification……

When I was randomly searching for pictures of the Ibanez RG7321 guitar the other night I came across another interesting site Ibanez Register. After having a little poke around in the galleries I found an interesting page with articles relating to design, dating and custom options. The one that caught my eye however was the one for dating your guitar. Obviously I do have some idea when I bought my JEM, although I don’t have the original receipt anymore. So it was cool to look at my guitar’s serial numbers and get the full story.

So here they are, meet my sleaze grinders……. 


Ibanez JEM77FP Serial # 904346


Ibanez Iceman Serial # G800200

 So working on what the article says, the JEM was made in 1990 and was guitar number 4346 from that year. The Iceman, to my utter astonishment as I bought it second hand and never knew, was made in July 1980 and was guitar number 0200 from that month. It’s nice to know a little more about them both. 


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