Having a bad day?

Sometimes you wonder why the hell you bothered getting out of bed in the morning, Tuesday was just one of those days.

As you would know if you’ve followed the link to my other site Sussex-MTB I’m heavily involved in cycling and I like to try to promote it wherever possible. Recently I’ve started to take an interest in the Worthing Cycling Forum as they are trying to improve cycling facilities here in Worthing and as the town can be gridlocked at busy times riding in can often be quicker and easier.So I’ve been corresponding with the local paper trying to get my point across which has had an interesting reply which I need to sort out a response to in the next few days.

Yesterday I was riding home from work and I was hit by a car from behind at a very busy junction near to my work. I always take extra care here as it is a very dodgy spot for a cyclist as a fast dual carriageway feeds into it. Anyway it would appear, as if I didn’t know already, that there’s no accounting for what other people are likely to do to you.I was shunted from behind by a taxi that threw me onto the floor and seemed, from my point of view anyway, to take rather a long time to put his foot on the brake and stop. He was very apologetic and was keen to make sure I was OK. I may have been a ‘little rude’ with my tone of voice, but I was very shaken up and battered so I think that’s probably excusable.

Anyway, fast forward a day, I’m feeling battered and bruised, I need to take my bike in to be fixed and visit the police station to report it. It all takes up time and money and all because of a moment of inattentiveness.

The real thing I wanted to moan about happened last night though. BigSi and I were riding back from our weekly mtb ride down the A24 into Worthing. At about 22:00 so there was not much traffic about. Then a group of youths drive past pretty close one leaning out the window hurling abuse at us for no apparent reason. To be fair this happens quite a lot so you can pretty much laugh it off, annoying as it is.

Then five minutes later on the next stretch of road it happens again, this time two cars full of kids. Well I’m sorry, I know that boyz will be boyz, but it’s not really on is it? It’s all right for them in a tin box, but we don’t get much protection as cyclists. Unfortunately for them the got stopped at the next lights. A ‘heated’ discussion then ensued, of course they were doing nothing wrong in their eyes.

Herein lies the problem I think. Driving a car in this country is taken as a right. I think it should be a privilege. There seems to be such an inbuilt desire to drive how you want / where you want / as fast as you want. It’s just not on really. I don’t want to take some sort of puritanical standpoint as of course I drive and need a car too, but I do my best to try to show a bit of common sense and tolerance for those around me.

I don’t know what the answers are but I really wish I could get a little more respect from other road users, it’s not much to ask is it?

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1 Response to Having a bad day?

  1. Dobby says:

    I reckon in this country the driving test is far too easy. There is no motorway test, no speed awareness, no basic maintenance test. I hate riding on the roads here, just because there are so many ignorant numptys in tin boxes. I used to have a motorbike and had the same problems then. I used to overtake in traffic jams, slowly and quite legally, but that didn’t stop some idiots swerving out to try and stop me.They don’t like the fact that they’ve spent ££££s on a car only for some poncy git on a bike to overtake them when they have to wait with everyone else, they take offence. Like you’ve just insulted them or something. Idiots. They don’t like us using ‘their’ road.I’m sure most of it’s because of lack of training. The driving test is too easy.

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